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After the obliteration of the Kamloops Chinatown (along West Victoria near the Overlander bridge), the Chinese Cemetery is the only historic landmark of the Chinese community

It is the first memorial park in Canada to commemorate pioneer Chinese railway workers of the CPR and CNR.
Most of the dead were from four districts in Southern Chinese province of Kwangtung around Canton. Most of them were born before the turn of the 19th century

The railway section between Yale and Kamloops was the most difficult and expensive. Contractors saved millions of dollars because of cheap Chinese labor. The Chinese were known as "beasts of burden" and "living machines" and were paid less than white labor. For every mile of railway, one Chinese man died. 600 Chinese laborers died while building the CPR which excluded other causes of death.

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Cemetery Lions Get Eyes

The two lions that guard the Chinese cemetery on Hudson Bay Trail got their eyes on March 30, 1996. 

Consulate general of People's Republic of China  in Vancouver paid a special visit to Kamloops to honor the oldest Chinese cemetery in Canada as part of the Ching Ming Festival.

Most of the those buried in the cemetery were pioneer Chinese railway workers.  The cemetery was declared a heritage site with the help of the City of Kamloops, Chinese Cultural Association and the Chinese Freemasons.

The stone lions were donated by the People's Republic of China.    The lions eyes were dotted by Consul Xinpei Zhou and acting Mayor Grant Robinson during the festivel event.  The dotting of the eyes is to keep the lions  awake and stand guard for all the departed souls.

Mayor Cliff Branchflower and Councillor Joe Leong attended the Chinese Freemasons banquet celebrating the Chinese Freemasons anniversary and Ching Ming.