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Chinese Experience in British Columbia:  1850 -1950
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Headtax Basis
The first recorded mention of Chinese in North America was dated to 1788 at Nootka Sound in British Columbia.  Chinese immigrants arrived in 1858 from California during the Gold Rush and remain in Cariboo and the Fraser Canyon.  The Chinese proved to be more successful than the other ethic groups in the gold field and others.  The adaptations of the Chinese to the environments and work created tensions amoung non-Chinese immigrants.  

Headtax Brief
Chinese head tax payers are synonymous with the pioneer Chinese railway workers.  The British Columbia Legislature passed a law preventing Chinese immigration in 1878 but was struck down due to its limited power.  During the end of the construction of the railway in 1885, the government of Canada passed the Chinese Immigration Act to discourage immigration.

It was the pioneer Chinese railway workers who initiated the head tax unintentionally and unknowingly because they competed too willingly, worked too consciously, and were satisfied to work for low wages.  As result, future Chinese entering Canada must first pay a $50 fee.  Later the head tax was amended in 1887, 1892, 1900, and 1903. 
Chinese-Canadian Genealogy

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