The Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association (KCCA) 甘露市中华文化协会 was incorporated in 1977.  We are a non-profit organization working to enhance our community, contribute to the betterment of our children, and to the society in which we live.  The Association has a University Scholarship and Bursary Foundation Fund and we contribute to the City of Kamloops for enhancing the Kamloops Chinese Heritage Cemetery.

We are members of the Kamloops Multicultural Society and we participate with the Kamloops Immigrant Services to promote diversity and good neighbour relationships.   Our Association participates with our Thompson Rivers University (TRU) in welcoming the Chinese international students and teachers, and help to promote the Canadian way of life.  We support the University’s Chinese Students Association to help new arrivals to adjust.  

We have Chinese language classes, cultural dance activities, a Chinese New Year banquet, and a soon to be Heroes of Confederation Awards Banquet to honour the Chinese Heritage Railway Workers of 1880 to 1885 on the first week of November.   Presently we are focusing on the building of a Chinese Railway Workers Museum in honour of our “Heroes of Confederation”, those Chinese railway workers that toiled to build the original track for the Canadian Pacific Railway through the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  The enthusiasm, work ethic, bravery, and determination of the Chinese Railway Workers contributed greatly to the early completion of the CP Railway, which then enabled British Columbia to enter the Confederation of Canada.

City of Kamloops

Kamloops has long been familiar to people for its colourful history and the Shuswap Indian or Secwepemc as the original inhabitants and the countless immigrants from all parts of the world who have come to Kamloops have together created a truly multicultural community.

The history of Kamloops’ ethnic heritage is board extending international, national, and local events have had their impact on the cultural development of the city and surrounding areas.  The story of Kamloops is a convergence of cultures that blended the Secwepemc people and the people who came to built the Canadian Pacific Railway line.  The stories from 1858 to 1948 promise to be interesting and historical especially the pioneer Chinese railway workers and the Chinese headtax  payers.   




The Kamloops Chinese Cultural Association was formed by the implicit popular demand by the local Chinese and the Multicultural Society for ethnic representation especially in Folkfest.

The Canadian Chinese began to organise K.C.C.A. in the early part of March 1977 and was officially formed May lst.1977.

The K.C.C.A. was later incorporated as a non-profit community and cultural organisation under the “Society Acts” of the Province of British Columbia.  

The aims and objectives:

  1. To promote Chinese traditions and culture.
  2. To promote exchange and understanding among all ethnic and cultural groups in the Canadian mosaic.
  3. To facilitate Chinese Canadians to be more actively participate as equal partners in the Canadian society.
  4. To preserve dignity and pride in our Chinese heritage.


The KCCA had been involved with the Multicultural Society since 1977.  KCCA and members participated in Folkfest,international cultural arts and crafts exhibits,international smorgasbords and cultural fashion shows in traditional, costumes.

Chinese Cultural Development Programmes

  • The KCCA and, members continuing; to develop the Chinese cultural by introducing programmes of Folks Dancing, Chinese Embrodiery, painting and Chinese calegraphy.
  • Folks Dancing group was formed in 1978 under the expert instructor Mr. William Ho,an artist in traditional Chinese Folks Dancing.Mr. Ho returned to Kamloops in 1979 to add to the repertoire of Chinese Folks Dancing ‘theme: Fan Dance, Ribbon Dance, Butterfly Dance and Yea Picking Dance.The KCCA Folks Dancing Group represented Kamloops in the Provincial Folkfest for two years in succession,1978 and 1979.

The Cultural Development was reinforced by the visits of Consulate-General and delegations from The People’s Republic of China.The recent visit was Consulate-General Liang Chen. Through this cultural visits reading materials, movies, and other educational materials were sent ro KCCA., on a monthly basis. These materials are made available to all the members.

Education Developmental Programmes

The Association is providing education programme to the members who wish to learn Cantonese. Three Cantonese language classes:

  • 2-6 years old class
  • 7-12 years old class
  • Adult level class

English for beginners and advance level are conducted.  These classes had to be expanded due to the large numbers of Vietnamese refugees attending the class. The course is funded by the Multicultural Fund for materials used for teaching.

Registration commenced throughout the school year every Sunday at 2 pm.

Community Affairs Participation

The KCCA had been involved by assisting the Federal Government Immigation and Manpower to help the settlement of the Vietnamese refugees in Kamloop    KCCA provides interpretation service and general orientation and services to the Vietnamese by assisting community agencies and private citizens who sponsor Vietnamese refugee and other government agencies.  

In February 1980, KCCA received funding to organize a committee to fill the need to help the Vietnamese.  The organization formed was called the  Vietnamese Immigrant Community Centre (V.I.C.C.) .  Mr. A. Young was hired as the Program Director for the VICC with the following goals:

  • To help Vietnamese to settle in the community
  • To deal with disharmony or dismay encountered during the process of adjustment. 

Update:  Today, this VICC organizatiIon is the KAMLOOPS IMMIGRANT SERVICES (KIS).