Why should students learn a second language?  

Many parents would like their children to learn about another culture and to speak and understand another language at a functional level.  Here are some of the reasons for this:

  • Students better understand their own language and culture when they learn about other languages and cultures.
  • Immigrants from many countries have brought their languages and cultures to our commmunites.  Study of these languages and cultures provide for students to understand the link between Canada and other countries.
  • Learning another language and learning about another culture may give students greater choice when they make career and life plans.

Children & Adults Mandarin Classes: Contact Chunlei: Email:

Time:  Sunday, 12:30 pm – 2:00pm

First class on January 25, 2015

Children Class – 5 to 17 years of age
Fee:  $ 60/semester for  members of KCCA 
            $ 100/semester for non-members
            All materals included for language classes

Fee:  $100/semester for  members of KCCA
            $150/semester for non-members
            All materals included for language classes

Semesters begin in January and September of each year.   Taught by experienced and knowledgeable Chinese teachers.

Learning Chinese in a fun and interactive way with emphasis on listening, speaking,  reading, and writing.

Sample Lessons:

Beginning Chinese

Chinese Lesson 1     –    Hello
1.     你    好 。                        Hello.
2.     你     好    吗 ?               How are you?

 3.      早       上       好?            Good morning.
4.      下      午    好 。             Good afternoon.
5.       晚      上        好 。        Good evening.
 Chinese Lesson 2      – What’s your name?

1.    你    叫      什      么      名     字 ?                What’s your name?
2.    你      叫        什        么 ?                              What’s your name?
      (nǐ) (jià )(shén)(me)
3.    您        贵         姓 ?                                        May I have your surname?
4.      怎       么           称         呼       您 ?            How should I address you?
      (zěn)(me)(chēng)(hu) (nín)